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Catherine Baillon
mother of all Canadians?

Coming from France, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste arrived in Quebec in 1669. On board were 149 orphan girls and of modest origin, all sent by the king Louis XIV to found a family and to populate the colony.

Among these Daughters of the King, one came from a prestigious lineage that goes back to Hugh Capet :

Catherine Baillon
16 octobre 1793 : décès de Marie-Antoinette d'Autriche [...]
18 octobre 1982 : décès de Pierre Mendès-France [...]
20 octobre 1677 : naissance de Leszczynski Ier, roi de Pologne [...]
21 octobre 1790 : naissance d'Alphonse de Lamartine [...]

The project Entretien exclusif avec le concepteur
Collective long-term work, The Capetian Descent has been unflaggingly carrying on with their work. Their aim is to find all the descendants of Hugh Capet, king of France, whose lineage is still represented today.

Nine out of ten European are descendants of Charlemagne, probably a little fewer are descendants of Hugh Capet! This purely statistical statement is confirmed every day by the numerous recordings of new lineages with multiple ramifications in every social background.

It is certainly an ambitious aim but it is so fascinating and full of surprises! Famous people such as Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Frédéric Mitterrand, Philippe de Villiers, Bernadette Chirac, François Fillon, Ségolène Royal And beyond the seas, the Capetians of the American world: George Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Elvis Presley, Céline Dion, etc.

For each individual from the Capetian database you can enter as many notes and pictures as you like. In a few seconds, Capedia automatically composes your book in pdf format and in color and you do not have to worry about pagination, chaptering, placing coats of arms, pictures and portraits. More...

The USB flash drive
The Capetian database has 800.000 individuals (May 2018, 22nd issue). The USB flash drive is delivered with software especially created for this project : you will be able to read and print the ancestry and descendant charts as well as the lists and forms, as you like! More...

The armorial included in the CD-ROM contains 5,600 coats of arms representing the arms of more than 260,000 individuals from the Capetian database. You can display color family trees and print beautiful "sixteen quarters" charts and impressive heraldic charts. More...